Resident Evil: Umbrella's Rebirth

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Resident Evil: Umbrella's Rebirth

Post  Tayuya on Thu Oct 18, 2007 8:05 pm

First chapter and intro to a story I'm doing for my LA class. Enjoy.

It’s been two years after the incident in Europe involving the cult group, Los Illuminados and the mind-controlling parasites known as the Las Plagas. The group had kidnapped Ashley Graham, the President’s daughter and had taken her to an unknown part of Spain. There I met an old acquaintance of mine, Ada Wong. She helped me throughout my mission, but I soon learned that she was working for Albert Wesker, the head CEO of the Umbrella Corporation. She was sent along with Jack Krauser, another one of my friends that was working with Wesker, to retrieve a master Plaga sample for some type of research. During my mission, I eventually faced and killed Krauser along with Osmund Saddler, the leader of the Los Illuminados. I took the Sample from him once he was dead, only to have Ada take it from me at the same moment. She then set off a detonator that would destroy the island. As she did, I managed to escape with Ashley on a jet-ski Ada was nice enough to leave for me. Ever since then, I’ve been wondering about the villagers, the rest of the cult and the experiments that had survived, not to mention what Wesker would do with the Sample. I was about to find out what had just happened. The President had just sent me on another mission to the unknown parts of Spain. My objective: to find and destroy all remaining traces of the Europe Branch of the Umbrella Corporation. Apparently, a new experiment has been developed there and will soon be released into populated areas for testing. It is now my job to prevent this from happening. We have just arrived in Spain, and I have gone in with Chris Redfield, a member of the BSAA. This time, Umbrella will be put down for good.


“Leon, can you hear me?”
“I hear you Chris. Okay, the receivers are working, so let’s move. Leon out.” The both of us moved out from the drop-off point and started to head towards the village area. Luckily for us, it was still early morning. This way the Plagas wouldn’t decide to “pop out” and join us. Even if the morning was peaceful, there was a hint of despair in the wind. Dead leaves were rustling along the ground and the crows in the nearby trees gave an eerie screech as Chris and I passed them by. “The Pueblo’s right down this road, right?”
“Yeah. I just hope that the villagers have cleared out by now.” The both of us stopped for a moment to observe a very familiar signpost. “Not this again….”
“You’ve seen this before?”
“It means that there’s danger ahead. The only thing that’s bothering me is that this wasn’t here last time.” We continued down the road for some time before we came across a small village. “Here we are. Looks like the villagers haven’t cleared out after all.” There were at least ten of the visible, but I knew that there were more. Most of them were scattering feed for the animals while the others were moving hay with pitchforks; not a good thing for a Plaga infested villager to have with him. “Leon, will a frag work? We just need to clear a path, right?”
“Just don’t hit them on the head; we don’t want to bring out Salvador.”
“You don’t want to know Chris. Let’s leave it as that.” Chris shrugged his shoulders and took out a hand grenade. “Alright you Gandos, let’s see how you like this.” He threw the grenade in the middle of the villagers. One noticed it and yelled, “Matalo!” before he and a few others experienced spontaneous combustion. “Darn it! Chris, we need to go now!” He nodded as we both started heading towards the gate leading out of the village. We went around the house and came to a halt as a Gando wielding a chainsaw turned the corner. “Other way!” We turned around just before the saw made contact with our necks. “What the heck was that?!”
“That was Salvador.”
“What now? They have both gates blocked.”
“I have a plan, but you need to be a diversion.”
“Does your plan have to deal with Salvador?” I gave Chris a blank stare to let him know that I meant “duh”. He sighed, drew his handgun and began firing at Salvador. “That should keep him busy for a bit.” I thought to myself. I drew my own handgun out and began cutting down the villagers’ numbers one by one. A few minutes passed and I finally heard the sweet sound of a chainsaw dying down. “Good work Chris! Now let’s get out of here!” We took down the remaining Gandos that surrounded the gate. After we sealed the reinforced doors, Chris started ranting. “Why was I stuck with the Leatherface wannabe? He was this close,” Chris showed me the distance with his hands. “To cutting my head off with that saw, yet you just stand there staring at me like I’m not in danger of being decapitated!”
“All you did was shoot at those villagers and you did nothing to help me!”
“If you expect me to do that again, you have another thing coming Kennedy!”
“CHRIS!” He instantly calmed down. “Now, like I wanted to say, that wasn’t the worse that they have. You need to be on your guard, okay? Now, reload so we can go on.” He and I reloaded our weapons before we headed back onto the faded trail leading towards the castle. “I hope that this won’t be as bad as last time.” I thought. I would soon learn that I was right, it would be much worse.


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