Super Funl Sprite Contest

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Super Funl Sprite Contest

Post  GlaceonTrainer on Sun Aug 19, 2007 2:28 pm

Well, the last one died, so lets try again.

This contest will consist of making different Sprites,Edits,Ect. Each round will harbor a different sprite challange.

-No stealing other's sprites
-You must enter your own work
-It has to be a NEW sprite, which means, you have to make a new sprite for the competition,you can't use an already mae one
-No Flaming Other's Sprites
-Do not comment on entered sprites, just post your entrys
Game Play:
Here's how the contest will work.
Each round will have a certain amount of points you can win.
Each round will be recordered, as the contest moves on.
After 5 rounds of spriting, the one with the most points wins.
Each round will allow you to enter a certain amount of sprites, ranging from 1, to whatever.Also, each round will have a set of it's own special rules.
1rst Place:Signiture And Avatar set. Along with a trophy you can stick in your sig, avatar, or whatever.
2nd Place:A signiture, along with a ribbon you stick in your sig, avatar, or whatever.
3rd Place:An avatar, along with a small ribbon to stick in your sig or avatar.

The Rounds:

Round 1:
Sprite type:
-Must Include 1 legendary
-Must use the base of a baby pokemon
-Must include 4 pokemon'
Points Worth:
4 points

Good Luck!

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Re: Super Funl Sprite Contest

Post  Tayuya on Sun Aug 19, 2007 5:48 pm

as for the trophies, i'll probally start working on them. i'll edit mine in later. i'm busy right now. Smile
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